Sunday, September 4, 2016


On Sunday I ran in the Vancouver Sun Run.  I've only ran the Sun Run once before, but it's always a great event with so much energy.  Over 50,000 people ran!!  Initially I wasn't going to race because up until 10 days before I hadn't ran faster than 5min per km pace since October!!  But then I thought who cares! I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to run in such a great event just because my preparation wasn't as thorough as I'm used to! I had fun doing some cram training sessions in the 10 days before the race. In the end I ran as I expected I would - 38.22. 

 Race morning: killing time with my roomie Melissa Ross.

 Catching up with my red head triathlete friends at the post race brunch! Unfortunately Lucy wasn't allowed in the picture because her hair was not red. 

Ice cream sundae making station = best post-race elite brunch EVER.  Too bad I can't eat ice cream!

Brent and I pigging out.

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