Saturday, September 3, 2016


In 7 days I will be on a flight to Kwa-Zulu Natal province in South Africa.  My plans to travel to Uganda changed abruptly last week, but I will be still be sending 2 boxes of sporting equipment and children's books to the school I had organized to volunteer at.  I held a fundraiser on May 1st to raise some funds and collect material items I could take with me to the school in Uganda.  It was a very successful evening and I am excited to load 2 boxes of goodies into a container that will be leaving for Uganda on Saturday.  Special thanks to Pat and Brenda Montani for helping me organize my trip and the fundraiser, and to chef James Buchanan for volunteering to cater the evening and keeping everyone happy with delicious food!! And of course thanks to everyone who attended the evening and showed their support!
 I will now be traveling to South Africa to live on a farm owned by an amazing women called Kate.  Kate and her husband founded Izulu Orphan Projects (IOP) in 2006 and it has evolved into something extraordinary.  I still don't know a lot about it, but I guess I will be finding out soon on a first-hand basis.  I will be living on Kate's farm for 6 weeks.  Izulu Orphan Projects currently has 330 orphaned villages on file and this year are schooling and providing uniforms for 850 orphans.  IOP also supports the villages with basic food and clothing.  With never having been to Africa, this is going to be a crazy experience! 

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