Monday, August 29, 2016

Vegan Spelt Nut Bread, Kale Almond Pesto, and the Terry Fox Run!

Alex introduced me to Elana's Pantry online recipe site last weekend.  Today I made the Kale Almond Pesto.  It was SO easy and so delicious.  On the weekend Alex and I attempted to make grain-free carrot cake cupcakes for Brent's 30th birthday party, and lets just say they didn't exactly cook all the way through (but we left them in 20 minutes extra!)  Not to blame Elana though, we didn't exactly follow the recipe to a T and I think my flax eggs were flawed!  The icing was also a bit of a disaster but we managed to fix it with copious amounts of icing sugar and almond flour haha.  The good thing was  after a couple glasses of wine they tasted absolutely delicious so nobody really noticed the raw center or overly sweet icing :)
I also made Vegan Spelt Nut Bread today and it was delicious too!! Recipe HERE.

 FIREMEN? Helllllo.

The most impressive part about the Terry Fox run in Whistler last weekend were the firemen who ran the entire 7.2km in their fire-kit!!  Good thing it wasn't a hot day!  The run was on trails around lost lake. I ran it hard just because I am incapable of not trying.  I think I was the only person actually "racing" it though which was funny.  Then we went to the Sunday market and got some vegan pumpkin bread and fresh veggies :)  hmm I love Whistler :)

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