Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fun Fun and more Fun!!

I haven't been updating my life story recently.. I guess I've been really busy and having too much fun!!

Above are my tracks down Lakeside Bowl on 7th Heaven a couple days ago with a friend. We traversed for about 10 minutes for these fresh tracks.. but it was so worth it - what a great powder day!  We're having tons of snow in Whistler right now, and lots more to come in the next few days which will make for a super duper day of skiing on Christmas day :)

Today I skiied with a girl who is totally blind in one eye and partially blind in the other.  She was amazing.. great attitude and amazing skiier.  It was pretty neat to see.

I wasn't sure how much fitness I would be able to maintain this winter.. so far it's been no problem at all!  The pool is always empty, I can xc ski outside my doorstep, AND I just discovered YakTrax and am so enjoying snow running right now!! 

Ooo and "Locke" from Lost was dining in the restaurant where I work last night!  That was pretty cool!
Happy Holidays :) 

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