Sunday, June 20, 2010


7- days until my mom arrives!
13 - number of days she will be here for :)
13 - days until I race!
60 - number of kilometers I ran this week.
1 - day until the start of Wimbledon
28 - number of kilometers I swam this week
10.5 - number of hours I slept last night
3 - average number of "core activation" sessions I do in one day
15 - number of Cosmic Power Cookies (Planet Organic) I baked on Friday night
3 - number of Cosmic Power Cookies I ate within 30 minutes of them coming out of the oven.
3 - number of mornings I got up at 4:40am to swim this week
8 - number of 75's I did from a dive all out yesterday morning ("lactate tolerance")
0 - number of flip turns I did in 28 kilometers of swimming this week.
50782984 - number of touch turns I did
700 - number of dollars I was short to pay off my visa :(
700 - number of dollars my mom gave me :)
7 - number of races I am currently on waitlists for!
2 - number of massages planned for this week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Support

It always takes a while when you move somewhere new to build up a support network that makes training and staying healthy as easy as possible. There were so many unknowns when I moved across the world with what kind of environment I was entering into but the support has been nothing but fabulous. I have had a great team of people around me right from the start that have made the move to Ireland so so so much easier than it could have been. This past week things got even better as I got news that I have now officially been accepted into the Sporting Institute of Northern Ireland (SINI). (I needed to actually start a race for Ireland before being accepted). I will now be doing sessions on the SRM with the physiologists twice a week and will continue to work with strength trainer Michael Johnson. I also have access to a number of other resources including doctor, physio, sports psyc, lifestyle management and nutrition if I want.

My training is back on track largely with thanks to Dierdre, or "magic hands" as Bryan likes to call her. Dierdre is a physiotherapist with a very holistic approach to treatment that I find absolutely fascinating. Some traditional physios thinks she's all hocus pocus but all of us athletes go to see her time after time as what she does really works!! I have 2 weeks to bounce my fitness back now before the European Championships which I will be racing in Athlone on July 4th.

In other VERY exciting news (to me at least) mom is coming to visit me in less than 2 weeks!! Dr. Ruth will be here for just under 2 weeks. She will be off to watch some Wimbledon in London for the few days before the European Championships but will get down to Athlone in time to see me race.

I ate too much icing today and had a major sugar high all afternoon. It was Aileen's birthday so I made her carrot cake cupcakes (yes they were the wheat free, egg free, dairy free ones with goat cream cheese icing that sharpie LOVES :) mmmm mmmm mmmm

Oo and I almost forgot to mention how exciting it was to watch the Des Moines World Cup on the weekend. It's so much fun watching races now as I have 2 nations to support. With so many Canadian friends on the start line and 2 Irish teammates racing I think I had 9 people to cheer for! Overall some very solid results. Bryan finished 20th and Aileen 27th (although she is capable of much more I know). And of course Paula and Kyle were amazing and I was so proud of Kyla in her first Olympic distance race EVER! Very impressive.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Patience has been the name of the game for the past few weeks. My back seems to have decided to recover at its own pace and there's no fighting it. However I can't really complain as I've been able to see small improvements from day to day which has kept me in good spirits. I literally hung up the bike for 2.5 weeks as I knew that just the position I sit in on the bike would only slow down the healing process. I would have been as happy as Larry just swimming and running anyways, but the swim progress was the most frustrating of all. I was only allowed to swim until my heel went numb, and then I had to call it a day. Some days I only got to swim 400 meters, better days 1500m. My biggest improvements happened after seeing Dierdre (physio) last Thursday, as I went from swimming 2km Thursday morning, to 3.5km Friday morning, to 5km on Saturday!! The good thing is running seemed to cause me no problems at all so I have been on a "run as I feel" easy aerobic run program and have been doing lots of double run days.

The positives from this is I have really got my mid-season break that I was looking at having this year so I could make into the fall still racing strong. It might not be ideal for it to come through injury but I am feeling fresh now and looking forward to racing hard the rest of the summer. I will likely not race now until the European Championships which are July 4th in Athlone, Ireland. This gives me a few weeks to get my fitness back up. Also my mom will be here from the 27th of June so she will be able to come watch me race!

I have started painting in my spare time and am really enjoying it. I have only finished one painting so far but I have 2 more on the go. Here is the first one...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010